Online Marketplaces

Why that matters

Marketplaces were already important trading centers in the Middle Ages – this has not changed with the Internet. The principle: instead of bringing customers to the products in the store, bring the products to the customers (where they are anyway – on marketplaces).

A large part of the online sales is so today also on the marketplaces on the Internet.

The two largest sales platforms are the well-known Amazon and eBay.

In addition to the large providers, there are also smaller marketplaces on which one can generate sales. Especially if you own a software that can easily populate several marketplaces, you should use it.

That’s how it works

Can bid on the online market places everyone. Selling a smaller number of products is very easy: you log in to the marketplace and enter the products you want to sell with description, image upload, etc.

If you sell a larger number of products, it is worth using separate software instead of manual submission. This is also the usual procedure of most traders. Thus, products are automatically placed on the market places and orders are taken from there.

If you then place orders, you pay approximately 5 to 15% commission on your sales (depending on the market place and product – in exceptional cases more).

Important for their sales: A good product name that contains many search terms (for example, “tea can Bodum 1.5 liter bulbous with lid & tea strainer, design” instead of just “teapot”). Also important: a detailed product description and good pictures (but – especially on Amazon – do not use the same as in the webshop, which has to do with SEO and copyright).

Regional marketplaces

They are available in more and more regions: regional marketplaces where only local dealers present their offer.

If you have such a portal, you should make your offers as detailed as possible and always up to date. This turns your city or region into a single online shopping mall.

Regional online portals are used by customers time and again to find out about the offer on site and to order some. But even if sometimes not so much is ordered online in regional marketplaces, the frequency of visits to the shop often increases.

• Always deliver marketplace orders quickly (on the same day), otherwise you’ll get bad valuations and sales will drop quickly. Take any kind of rating

serious on marketplaces. Because good evaluations lead to more purchases. Bad ratings should solve the underlying problems or eliminate misunderstandings by communicating with the customer.

The own webshop

Why that matters

Without a shop you do not sell anything off. And without a webshop you do not sell anything on the internet. It may therefore be worthwhile opening an online store as well.

However, you should be clear about your goals: Should the webshop be just an addition to the store for existing customers or become an independent revenue generator?

In order to really be successful in online trading, you have to keep in mind: just placing a few products on the Internet quickly does not lead to big sales “just like that”. Just as a store is more than “just putting a few products down”.

As a webshop operator, you have to take care of it regularly and also (online) marketing. Only then will it become a sales success – and perhaps even its main pillar in the future.

That’s how it works

There are two approaches for an online shop: You use your own shop software or you rent a shop on the Internet. If you do not plan major shop activities, you can also use simpler shop construction kits. These systems are usually only suitable for a first, small entry.

While higher initial investment costs are necessary for a shop with its own software, rental fees incur monthly fees (often depending on the number of orders). The latter often also offer very many functionalities, e.g. Payment systems or marketplace interfaces. But they are not quite as flexible as their own software.

For greater shop success, it is best to work with a specialized agency or good freelancer. A lot of know-how is necessary nowadays, so that the shop later generates real sales and customers are satisfied. Simple solutions are ideal for a first small introduction or test, you should not expect too much from it.

Therefore, be aware: An online shop requires from the start of some investment in time and money (you would not even equip your store so synonymous with Bauigh Market cheap shelves and say “now sell first, then I can have a good Shopfitting afford “- in online shops, this expectation unfortunately often prevails). On the other hand, a store of course offers a great opportunity for your business growth on the Internet.