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The categories Products & Technologies, Market & Industry, Events, Product Compass and other services provide a quick overview of the latest news and trends. Exclusive industry news, videos and interaction possibilities offer reach and resonance.

That’s why online advertising:

> effective multi-channel marketing

If your advertising message has the same impact in print and online, the advertising impact is multiplied and exclusive online users are additionally addressed.

> direct reaction without media discontinuity

because the user can react immediately to your advertising. Online users are very active and are looking for information of their own accord, always keeping an eye on the new.

> also for small budgets

Online advertising is cheaper compared to print. The advertising materials are relatively simple and inexpensive to create.

Produktkompass online offers purchasing in the technical trade the best opportunities for targeted searches for products, services and suppliers, and thus:

► the relevant suppliers and manufacturers at a glance

► comfortable search function

► structured and comprehensive information up to date

► Reach in the technical trade through integration into the website of TH

Individual service packages for suppliers!

You want to be a supplier

► be found faster

► enter detailed information about your company and product portfolio

► Increase your visibility and opportunity for new customer contacts?

Then use one of the upgrade offers to stand out from the crowd of other providers!

InText advertising is integrated directly into the content of a website. Your InText advertising reaches the user where he or she is looking for information in whose environment you would like to present your company and your products.

For this we provide your desired keywords 1 (such as food hose, fall protection, drive elements) in the editorial texts of with special links. These differ visually from the rest of the text by an underlining and special color. When a user moves their mouse over an InText link, a small window 2 opens, showing your logo,

Contains your text information, pictures or even a video. In addition, a secondary link leads directly to your website 3.

Our Monthly Analytics gives you a detailed overview of the ad rates and click-throughs of the keywords you book.

E-commerce and the proliferation of PCs

Tablets and smartphones are increasingly making it possible to shop from the desk, on the way or simply from the couch. As a direct result of this, customer frequencies in city centers are falling more and more. Stationary trade therefore faces the question: How do I reach my customers?

The solution lies in the skilful application of digital innovations, because customers now expect the same services from every retailer that they are used to in e-commerce. This includes, for example, the possibility of comprehensively informing each other about the goods and the business via smartphone before purchasing, pre-ordering the goods or having them delivered to their home. The future belongs to the retailers, who know how to connect and use the online and offline business.

The time and personnel expenses associated with this are often overestimated by the stationary dealers and form a high barrier to entry. But the first steps to success are often not difficult. With this guide “Einfach Online” we want to give you as a medium-sized retailer tips on how you can undertake the first steps into the World Wide Web at a manageable expense and thereby avoid mistakes.

The Internet has conquered the world and commerce. More and more consumers are looking for products and services as a matter of course in order to buy them in a store or directly online.