Regional advertising

Address customers in your area: with search engine ads

Why that matters

The first entries of the Google and Bing search results are almost always paid ads. They are also the most noticed places.

If you have not come up for certain keywords with SEO (see last chapter) or you really want to be at the top, then you can do that through ads.

The mere fading in the ads costs nothing. You only pay when a user clicks on the ad and comes to your website.

That’s behind search engine ads

First, specify which search words your ads should appear at all, e.g. “Buy a backache” as a deli or “bike repair” as a bicycle shop. To do this, you formulate appropriate text (2×30 characters title bar, 80 characters descriptive text). Now tell us what the maximum cost of a click on your ads (the so-called “max CPC”) and which page of your website should be redirected to a click (for example, the page with the workshop description and appointment request of the bicycle retailer).

You can also show a phone number on smartphones directly in the search results. So a call to you can be triggered with a click. Or you can show your address, where a click leads to the route planner in Google Maps.

Of course, you can also specify that the ads are not displayed throughout Germany, but only searchers in your area.

That’s how it works

Google AdWords and Bing Ads make it easy to launch. Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity, the control of successful Ads becomes even more complex. The following points can therefore only be a very crude procedure plan.

Work deeper into the content – otherwise you will quickly burn a lot of money for little result (managing Google AdWords perfectly is even a very unique job profile).

Regional, sector and evaluation portals

Why that matters

Entries in telephone and business directories were important even before the internet. However, industry profiles are now used online as well as search portals for shops.

An entry there has even double meaning: On the one hand, consumers are looking for stores and decide based on the entries that they visit. On the other hand, the entries also support the better listing in Google & Co.

The effort to register in the various portals is worthwhile. But you should not overdo it and do without automatic entry services.

That’s how it works

Basic entries are free of charge in most portals. These basic entries should be made in the most important portals (see link tips below).

The procedure is slightly different for each portal, but mostly simple and self-explanatory:

One registers, in order to then create a new entry for himself or if necessary to take over an existing entry.

Make as extensive an entry as possible in your entry and use all available input fields as long as it is possible free of charge (what exactly is free of charge differs from portal to portal). But consider very well before you spend money on paid entries. This is often not necessary and only makes sense after intensive testing.

• Working tip: Instead of spending hours editing the portal entries, you only have one portal per week.

After 6-8 weeks you have achieved a lot by the way.

• Customer reviews play an important role in some portals.

Never rate yourself (that always catches customers and has a negative effect). Motivate customers in the store to reviews on the main platforms (for example, with a small thank you postcard).

• Often there are purely regional portals in municipalities and cities, which you definitely should not forget.

• Where do you start? Which portals should be edited first? Look for products and services on Google like a customer – edit the portals on the first page of search results first.

Why do you only sell in the shop? You can also use the Internet to gain new customers and sales in and out of your region. Quite a few online retailers have emerged from an originally stationary trade. You do not have to offer the whole assortment online. You could e.g. Use volume discounts in purchasing and sell some of the goods via online trading. But keep in mind that the competition is usually harder on the internet than in the local shop.